Did The Mars Rover Capture Photos Of A UFO Landing?

Time to go squatchin’ on Mars! Two images released by NASA that were captured in June by the Mars Curiosity Rover have some people claiming that humans aren’t the only alien visitors on the surface of Mars. Great, now Mars is becoming gentrified and all the hipster aliens are going to want to move in and open up a gastro pub.

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The creepy music makes it true.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) took a photo with the rover’s Navcam Left camera of some mountains, followed by another image of the same mountain range thirty one seconds later. In the distance can be seen a bright light which appears to be descending closer to the surface in the second photo, thus confirming that Big Foot is real.  

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OK, but we were here first.

Although you might want to think twice about it before you get your squatchin’ boots on and head to the Red Planet to hunt some aliens scum. Buzzkill NASA released a statement about the photos giving a more mundane explanation for the bright light “landing.” Justin Maki, leader of Curiosity’s navigation camera team said that, “”This is a hot pixel that has been around since we started using the Right Navcam.” The pixel looks nice but I wouldn’t go out and describe it as “hot.” To each his own I guess.  

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The original HD image makes things that much clearer. Mars has mountains.

What do you guys think, is this proof of an alien landing on Mars? This isn’t the first time proof of alien life on Mars has been uncovered by the Curiosity Rover. There was that rock that moved “on its own,” with one good citizen even suing NASA to investigate the rock more. It makes a lot of sense that aliens would want to land on Mars instead of, you know, the planet next door that is filled to the brim with life and an intelligent civilization. Or what if they think that the Curiosity Rover itself IS an intelligent life form and we our first contact with an alien civilization is through a selfie?

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