Did NASA Just Discover A Warp Drive?

Researchers at NASA have been experimenting with a new form of propulsion that could potentially revolutionize space travel. The good news is that this system would allow us to go much faster than conventional spacecraft, the bad news is that it probably won’t be a faster than light “warp drive” as many websites have recently reported.

Since last year NASA’s advanced Eagle Works has been researching a new type of engine invented by British scientist Roger Sawyer that converts electric power to thrust without the need for any propellant, by bouncing microwaves in a closed container.

This steam punk looking thing is an Em Drive and could be your ticket to Mars.

The problem other scientists have with what they claim this engine can do is that it is essentially like saying that you could fly just by lifting yourself into the air. It’s an engine that creates thrust with no propellant. Skeptics say that the thrust would not be able to be replicated in the vacuum of space. So in a recent experiment NASA did just that; testing the Em Drive in a vacuum- and it still worked.  

He said “THRUST.”

Some have speculated that the experiments point to faster than light travel, breaking the speed limit of the universe set by Einstein. That’s because researchers working on the Em Drive posted a claim in a NASA forum that when lasers were fired into the chamber of the drive, some beams were found to appear be traveling faster than light. Oh. Well people went nuts with that, but it wasn’t verified.

Warp drive? Slow down there speed racer. Not so fast!

If the Em Drive works it would still get us places way faster than we do now, but not faster than light.

While everyone had their hopes up that Ludicrous speed is just around the corner, allowing mankind to visit other stars in a relatively short amount of time, it sounds like we are still going to be waiting a long time before we take selfies with aliens. NASA released a statement saying that “Warp Drive” is still just a dream “at the level of speculation.”Or maybe that’s what they just want us to believe and they are going to use this new engine to invade Texas, really quickly.  

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Source: From Quarks To Quasars