Genius Accidentally Sends HR Manager Two Pics Of His D Right After Getting Hired

Finding a company that will hire you so you can stop eating ramen for all three daily meals is a task unto itself. But apparently keeping a job before you’ve even started is harder for some than you’d think because this 23-year-old idiot in Illinois had accidentally texted not one, but two d*ck pics to his new HR manager before even earning one lousy paycheck.

The female HR manager said she received the first picture of an unidentied man’s penis from a cell phone number she didn’t recognize. The kid then sent a second d*ck pic which the HR manager also received, still not sure who was sending the texts. It seemed the kid was in the clear, at least for the time being, until he then he decided to call the number to make sure his d*ck pics had gone through. Unfortunately for him, the HR manager picked up on the other end and that’s when both the new employee and HR manager realized who the other actually was. Instead of laughing off the moment as if it were just a terrible sitcom plot, the HR manager then notified the police. My question is…who the hell does a follow up call after sending a d*ck pic?

Needless to say, the offer made to the new employee to start working with their company was no longer on the table and a word of advice was given to him: To no longer contact the HR manager or anyone at the company ever again. Luckily for the kid, this is just a huge lesson learned (hopefully) to the young job seeker because the HR manager decided not to press charges against him. Let’s hope he never gets a job at AT&T.