Diana Nyad Swims From Cuba To Florida

You know when you swim in a pool for about 15 seconds and then you stop because you're about to die from being out of breath? Well, Diana Nyad laughs at you because she just swam 114 miles from Cuba to Florida.

The 64-year-old completed the journey on her fifth attempt (she tried in 1978, 2011, and 2012). It took her 53 hours to swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida.

Her team would give her peanut butter sandwiches and water.

She didn't have a net, but had other sources of protection. Her team folowed her to help motivate and feed her as well as keep her safe. One boat had a line in the water that helped her stay on track. Another boat had equipment that created a faint electrical field around her to keep sharks away.

The view of Key West that gave Nyad hope she could make it.


Two miles out, her team motivates her to keep going.


Upon landing on the beach, amongst fans and spectators, she exclaimed "I have three messages. One is, we should never, ever give up, Two is, you're never too old to chase your dream. Three is, it looks like a solitary sport, but it is a team."

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to start training to became that NBA player I always wanted to be. Actually, I'll do that after lunch.

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