Devo Band Member Has A 9/11 Attack Themed Wedding On 9/11 Anniversary

HOLY CRAP…. do you guys remember the band Devo? Everyone loves the 1980’s New Wave group Devo with the funny red hats.  “Whip it! Whip it real good!” Great song! Well it seems that one band member, singer and keyboardist Jerry Casale might have whipped it a little too hard. The 67-year-old got married on Friday, which happened to be the 14th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Photos shared from the reception held in Santa Monica, California show Casale and his bride Krista Napp celebrating by standing next to their wedding cake… which was in the shape of the World Trade Center. Cut outs of their faces are also affixed to the twin towers for some reason. I guess so they can’t hide their shame?

The cake came out great, but the taste; bit of a doozy.

Guests were given some special wedding favors to commemorate the couple’s special day; real box cutters. You know; box cutters, the weapons the terrorists snuck aboard to hijack the airplanes and kill three thousand Americans. Oh I get it. Holy crap.

Even the terrorists think this is messed up.

The seating cards also featured an engraved box cutter with their names. Hopefully if you were unlucky enough to attend this wedding you didn’t sit next to Casale’s wedding planner who I’m guessing was a member of ISIS.

In his defense he says that it was not his idea to have the twin towers shaped cake and he was just as shocked as anyone when he entered his wedding reception and saw the cake. He explains in a video sent to TMZ that the only reason he got married on 9/11 is that it was the last day before his marriage license ran out. His friend surprised them with the cake and place settings since he had told them “Krista and I are the twin towers of love.”   

Maybe he didn’t want to offend his friend by telling him he was ruining his wedding with a terrorist attack theme? I mean, I guess he didn’t want to be the guy to knock down the cake World Trade Center.

This brings up an important question; who the hell MADE this cake when Casale’s shitty friend /wedding guest ordered it? Maybe it was this Austrian baker who got in some hot water back in May when he made a similar 9/11 themed cake. 

If your friend presented you with this at your wedding, what would you do?

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Source: Daily Mail UK