Detroit Woman’s Dead Body Halloween Decoration Getting Lots of 911 Calls

Halloween is just around the corner and that means that people who actually enjoy the holiday will be fielding all sorts of complaints from humorless neighbors who don’t realize that the dead witch hanging from their tree is neither dead nor a witch. One woman in Detroit, however, may be taking the decorating part of the holiday a little too far since it’s attracting the attention of the police. 

Why couldn’t you be a normal person and put a rotting corpse dummy on your porch?

Larethia Haddon put a dummy in front of her house of what appears to be a lifeless body lying on the front steps. She says “it’s getting a lot of attention” and that’s mainly because a bunch of people who saw it thought it was a real person and called 911 to report. So far, they’ve made three visits to the home and confirmed each that it’s just a dummy. And yes, we’re referring to the Halloween decoration. 

Well ast least people called 911 or stopped.


The problem is that she keeps moving the decoration to different parts of the house and people who aren’t familiar with it call 911 thinking someone has passed out in front of her home. One person even tried to perform CPR on it and she enjoys watching the reactions of people who pass and see it as they drive by it.

Always a good idea to prank the cops with a dead body. What is the worst that could happen?

Maybe some people are more gullible than others but the police must have something better to do with their time than constantly reacting to a Halloween decoration.  Detroit probably needs all of its police resources these days unless they are about to get some kind of robotic cop that isn’t a Halloween costume. 

Source: Detroit News