Detroit Police Are Super Excited About Their New $700,000 SWAT Truck “THE BEAR”

Detroit is known for a few things; crime, factories and Robocop. But now they’re known for having one of the most badass SWAT vehicles ever with this $700,000 truck that looks like something Batman would drive had he lived in Detroit instead.

But beyond just looking awesome, this vehicle actually has some purpose behind it. It holds way more officers if the situation calls for it and is actually taller than most SWAT trucks in case there’s an Assault on Precinct 13 type of situation occuring. But there’s more. It’s also equipped with cameras and a ram in order to scoop the scum off the streets once and for all.


Plus the babes really dig it.

Beyond the toys and overall appearance however, it’s the vehicle’s nickname that is what really makes it a nice catch for Detroit. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be in control of driving something called THE BEAR. “Hey, Mitch–you’ve got the keys to THE BEAR today.” It just sounds awesome.

Detroit Police Commander Elvin Barren couldn’t hold back his giddiness when speaking with the press about THE BEAR stating, “We’re excited about The Bear!” And that’s an actual quote.

So, if you plan on visiting Detroit anytime soon, make sure you don’t get into any trouble because THE BEAR is ready to kick some ass.