Detroit Neighborhood Turns Neglected Pothole Into Fishing Hole

You know how some people say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? That’s such a stupid saying. If someone just gave you a free bag of lemons, you’d be at least mildly flattered that someone gifted you a free pile of produce. The saying should reflect something that no one wants like rickets, a tax audit or a pothole. One neighborhood in Detroit had to deal with said pothole and they found a way to turn it into a non-metaphorical positive. 

The residents of Hull Street in Detroit, Michigan have been dealing with a massive, 4 by 15 foot hole left by a construction crew from a gas utility company for at least the last three years. They’ve tried complaining to the city to fill it up but so far, it’s just been filling up with water as the city ignores their requests.

Finally, one of the residents just gave up trying to get it fixed and decided to turn it into a neighborhood fishing pond by dumping some carp, blue gill and goldfish into the pothole. Given how it’s from a gas company, you probably wouldn’t want to eat the fish unless you’re looking to get really high from the combined mixture of the natural gas runoff and the mercury in the fish but there’s nothing wrong with catching and releasing them. 

Of course, that’s when the city’s water department finally decided to step in and do something about the hole. Officials said they are now inspecting the situation and will make a decision about repairing the hole. Oh well come on, now everyone is enjoying the pothole/ fishing pond! Why does the government always have to step in and ruin the world’s fun? If it wasn’t for their safety regulations, we could all enjoy riding a motorcycle without a helmet, breathing in pesticide fumes or playing a rousing game of “Light Socket Roulette.” 

Source: Fox 2 Detroit