You Won’t Believe Why This Weirdo Park Ranger Got Fired

Deryl Nelson from the Coolidge Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee was recently fired due to his need to dance on the job as a resident Park Ranger.  That’s right, he was fired for dancing.  More importantly, parents of children visiting the park took issue with the pelvic thrusts he would make while twerking certain dance moves.  Not that he was Michael Jackson filthy, but I guess when you dance all day in the sun, you start to sort’ve grapple for any move you can think of to keep it going.  So that I can see being an issue with some people. 

Here is some video of Deryl dancing on the job.  I have to say, it is a little creepy.  Reminds me of the Six Flags guy.

But hey, who am I to ruin the guy’s fun.  Since the story broke, a facebook page has since been created for Deryl asking people to rally behind on getting his old job back.  I can only assume Deryl has been warned by his superiors about their issues with his dancing, in which case it’s illegal for them to terminate without warning, but regardless, people are jumping on this guy’s bandwagon anyway.

There’s another key element to this story.  An unfortunate trend is happening that I think too many people feed into is setting up a donation page, like we’ve just recently seen with the little girl who was allegedly kicked out of KFC because of her scars.  In the little girl’s case, apparently those reports of KFC having any involvement may actually be false but that didn’t stop people from taking a moment to see if it’s all true before donating $130,000.  Do your homework is all I’m saying before you go getting out your wallet.

Here is Deryl’s page which is asking for $5,000 (he’s so far raised a whopping $30).  I don’t know if any of you have ever been laid off from work, but I have and I never asked people for a dime, let alone get fired for dancing on the job (aka, probably the dumbest reason to even lose your job).  And now it’s our fault so it’s our job to help the guy out? 

One, two, Deryl’s dancing for you.

Secondly, in the above video, I for one thought the guy looked a little elderly, so hey, maybe he does need help.  But nope, this is Deryl here and he’s pretty much old enough to figure it all out on his own I think.  You’re a Park Ranger, shouldn’t you be busy telling people to not light cigarettes and confiscating beer??  Go do that!  It’s one thing if he’s the guy pointing an arrow on the street corner, but you’re a public servant, man.  Find another gig if you’re bored with it. 

Here is one commentor from Deryl’s donation page.  Virginia is clearly a fan.

Aaaaanyway, word has it the guy might actually get his job back so I suppose that’s a good thing. That is if the guy is even any good at being a Park Ranger to begin with because that’s still debateable.  Keep up to date on this situation with the facebook page because those folks are all over this one.

So do you think Deryl was wrongly terminated? Is he old enough to know better than to be a weirdo on the job? Why does his name have an E?

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