Dermatologist Pops Zits On Camera And The Internet For Some Reason Loves It


People spend lots of money and many years to become dermatologists, but few of those medical specialists have over half a million youtube followers. Then again, only one uploads videos of her popping zits, blackheads, cysts and who knows what other gnarly things are living on, in or near your skin.


Some are horrified by violence in film and tv, but for our money, the videos posted by Dr. Sandra Lee (who even goes say far as to refer to herself as Dr. Pimple Popper) are as graphic and disturbing as would be those made by Quentin Tarantino if he did an homage to Korean horror films.

Don’t say you’ve not been warned. This one is just horrific.

“This particular cyst was interesting because it started to overgrow the space there on his scalp and started to protrude upward creating a noticeable bump. When I ‘popped’ it out, it was growing in a horn-like shape, as if it was pushing his way upwards.”


“I pop these things, and yeah they kind of make me feel good, they’re satisfying, but it’s not like I seek them out.”


Just as Tarantino famously had a character slice an ear in Reservoir Dogs, Dr. Lee wields her tools to also modify an ear. We hear what she’s saying, even if the poor guy in the video can’t.

Have a thing for blackheads being popped? We can only hope you don’t….but if you do, this will for sure satisfy you.


This one in theory is educational, as it explains the difference between a blackhead and a pilomatricoma. If you’re like us, that’s a topic that comes up every day – and by “like us” we mean “who the hell has ever heard of a pilomatricoma”?

If you want Dr. Lee’s “greatest hits” as it were, this compilation is for you.

Hopefully you enjoyed these videos – we sure didn’t, but this is just further proof of the depths we will explore to satisfy our pimple-loving readers. Our favorite pimple related images go back to the ‘70s with some vintage Bill and Gilda. He was affectionately called Pizza Face.

todd and lisa

Mainly we just wanted a gif of Bill Murray and Gilda Radner to wash our eyes out after seeing all of those zits.

Source: Mirror