Guy With Depression Accidentally Texts Pasta Company Instead Of Help Line But Gets A+ Response

Depression isn’t something where you can just go and sniff daisies for an hour to feel “better.” Because it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain it’s not just something you can turn off — the sun could be shining and your day could be swell, but you’d still feel like someone murdered your family the night before.

25 million Americans suffer from depression every year, with over 50% of people who die from suicide also suffer from depression. If you include alcoholics who are depressed, the number raises to 75% according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

But sometimes, sometimes – it just helps to have someone to talk to, even if you don’t know them. That’s what happened with one unidentified man who accidentally texted a pasta company when he was actually trying to reach a depression hotline:

Using the power of pasta to fight depression

At this point you’d think Sarah would stop talking about noodles and just talk to the poor dude, but how often do you get to make a bunch of pasta/depression puns?

Eventually, Sarah decided to cut the conversation off…

…which I can’t blame her for, because she works for a PASTA COMPANY and isn’t getting paid enough to deal with mental health problems. She’s also not qualified, but who cares? No one is qualified for anything these days, which is why my order at McDonald’s is always wrong and I keep finding grammatical errors reading CNN online.

[H/T All The Chaos]