Denver Charity Provides Free Marijuana To Homeless For The Holidays

Christmas shouldn’t just be a time for getting. It should also be a time for giving.. If you’re one of Denver’s less fortunate, then you might have received something that puts you way ahead of most people on the list of fortunate. 

The nonprofit organization “Cannabis Can” decided the best thing they could do to help out the homeless population of Denver, Colorado was to make sure they were good and baked for the holidays. So they handed out thousands of pre-rolled joints to the homeless on Christmas Eve. It’s the Christmas miracle that they’ll never remember. 

Nic Dicenzo, founder of Cannabis Can, told the local press that he hoped the effort would raise awareness about Denver’s homeless community and that he followed every legal procedure in place to make sure that no laws were broken during the marijuana handout. The law states that marijuana can be given out as gifts but residents are not allowed to smoke it outdoors. So in a way, it’s bit of a mean joke on the homeless since the outdoors is technically their home. 

Source: UPI