Dentist Releases Horrific Photo Showing What Too Much Soda Does To A Kids Teeth

No, the above photo isn’t a close up of Gollum’s chompers, it’s a photo released by a dentist to show parents the dangers of letting your children have too many sugary drinks, especially soda. Glad we’re seeing this photo now to avoid that Coke we were probably going to have with lunch. We’ll just stick with water for today.

Dental surgeon Sophie Beaumont from The Royal Dentist Hospital in Melbourne revealed how she’s seen more than 1,000 children put under general anaesthetic to have teeth removed thanks to sugary drinks causing decay.

The horrifying images show young teeth rotting away thanks to children being constantly allowed to drink the high-sugar drinks by their parents.

Even though sugary drinks may be to blame for many a child’s dental issues, it’s the parenting, or lack thereof that should definitely take some of the blame here as well. But really though, soda is just terrible for you in general, but now kids are seeing the more cosmetic damage it can do.

Dr. Beaumont goes on to say, “”It is certainly not uncommon to do multiple extractions on young children, often if there is one tooth with severe decay then there will be others that are just as bad. Children will often present at the clinic after their parents have been kept awake all night because their child can’t sleep through the pain. This results in a very negative first experience at the dentist.”

Now I’m just waiting on an eye doctor to release an image of what the internet does to your eyes after long periods of surfing.