The Dennis Quaid Meltdown Was Just A Brilliant Hoax By Dennis Quaid

Yesterday we (and the rest of the internet) posted a video showing Dennis Quaid having a major meltdown on a film set screaming at anyone on his radar. He called the crew dickheads, zombies, babies and exclaiming the whole shoot was horse shit. Well, it turns out he meant all of those things. Literally.

The truth of it is we’ve all been duped by Funny or Die’s brilliant viral video where they let the “leaked” footage of Quaid’s rant crawl all over the internet and then show the real video which was a sketch today with the joke being that everything Quaid was saying was literal. It also helps me prove my theory yesterday that maybe Quaid had a point to his yelling. If I stepped in random horse shit, I’d be yelling too.

Check out the REAL on-set freak out here:

Well done, Quaid. You just earned some bonus points in my book. The downside is I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

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