Kind Pimp Dennis Hof Is Helping His Hookers Pay Off Their Student Loans

Say what you will about the owner of the filthy brothel franchise in Nevada, but there’s one thing we can all agree on; he’s not paying off OUR students loans now is he!

Angel sent from above Dennis Hof is helping out the ladies that work at his numerous legal brothels by setting up a plan to help them pay off those pesky student loans most of us have grown to completely hate. College was a great experience and I met a lot of friends I still am close to today, but with most former students having a $50,000 and larger loan they have their entire life to pay off, well, sometimes you wonder if it was all worth it. And Dennis Hof is ready to help.

With each loan payment his girls make, he says he’s willing to match that payment. Long story short, he’s paying 50% of these girls loans as long as they stay an employee of his business. Longer story short, these girls have to keep banging strangers in order to pay off their students loans a tad quicker.

As if the whole “was going to college worth the student loans” question wasn’t big enough. A bigger one is “is banging these strangers worth it just to have half of my student loans paid off.” Furthermore, an even BIGGER question is…why are these women banging strangers for a paycheck IF THEY WENT TO COLLEGE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Everyone please facepalm in unison.

If anything, this story should pretty much tell future generations that even if you go to college, there’s a slight chance it might be just a waste of time because you’ll just have to eventually bang a stranger in order to pay rent. ‘Merica!