Denise Richards: From Bond Babe to Reality Star



Denise Richards has had a career in Hollywood for almost two decades now, and she’s spent most of those two decades coming right up to the precipice of delivering copious nudity and perhaps even a sex tape to a welcoming public without quite taking the plunge. That’s because she specialized in very sexy content in movies without really going for full nudity very often – it’s actually kind of impressive when you think about it. She has, however, appeared in more than her fair share of sexy movie scenes, and in 2004 she even posed for Playboy magazine. But more on that later. For now, let’s get to the question of the hour.


The answer to that would appear to be “no,” although that hasn’t stopped some of Denise Richards’ millions of fans from taking to the internet in search of “Denise Richards’ sex tape” and other similarly popular search terms. There are even some pretty convincing lookalike sex tapes out there, or at least sex tapes starring women who happen to look like Denise Richards, if not on purpose.

Even though there don’t appear to be any Denise Richards sex tapes out there as of yet, the actress has shown plenty of skin on the screen in more legitimate contexts. In fact, her first lead role was in the controversial film Starship Troopers, which famously (or maybe infamously) includes a gratuitous naked shower scene for pretty much no reason.

Interestingly, Denise Richards does not appear in Starship Troopers’ nude shower scene, a sequence in which her presence would definitely have been appreciated. During this phase of her career, Richards has a pretty strict “no nudity” policy, which disappointed, among other people, Starship Troopers director Paul Verhoeven, who went to the trouble of writing new scenes for her character, like a sex scene with nudity. Even with her professional shyness intact, she did film at least one pretty hot scene for the movie, albeit one that got left on the cutting room floor:


As you can see in the above video, she refused to do nudity on film, but she did let Casper Van Dien feel her up on camera. That’s Hollywood for you, I guess.

Denise Richards’ sex scene credentials went up considerably for her next role in the bona fide erotic thriller Wild Things. This is probably the movie that the most people think of when they think of Denise Richards, and it’s an iconic performance for a reason. Actually, multiple reasons, which you can see here:

denise richards neve campbell make out in pool

denise richards nipples getting out of pool

As you can see, by this point in her career Richards had gotten over that whole nudity hang-up, doing practically everything that Starship Troopers’ director Verhoeven had wanted her to do for that film, and then some. I guess Wild Things’ director John McNaughton has a way with women that Paul Verhoeven doesn’t (or maybe Richards was a big Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer fan).

Denise Richards’ most famous scene in Wild Things is without a doubt her lesbian make-out scene with none other than Neve Campbell. They both go all out for the scene, and it’s justifiably famous. Even Kevin Bacon was into it.

And Kevin Bacon wasn’t Denise Richards’ only Wild Things co-star who got to see some action with the star for the movie. Matt Dillon got an even better piece of the bargain than Bacon, since he didn’t just get to watch – he got to touch.

Later, Richards earned the honor of becoming a Bond girl in the 1999 James Bond film The World is Not Enough starring herself and Pierce Brosnan. Before the movie came out, Richards’ praised the character for being “brainy,” “athletic,” and having “depth of character,” but in the ensuing years her Christmas Jones has become something of a punchline among Bond girls. For our purposes here, you’d have to be a fool to expect explicit nudity in a Bond movie, especially in one from 1999, but she did bring plenty of sex appeal to the movie anyway (she was a Bond girl, after all):

pierce brosnan and denise ricahrds

sophie marceau and Denise richards

And she even got a little bit of nipple exposure through the notoriously strict Bond censors, albeit that of the underwater variety.

That’s about as good as it gets in Bond movie terms. Hell, for a Bond movie, that practically counts as full frontal nudity.


Besides her work on the silver screen, Denise Richards has worked extensively as a model. And even as she has transitioned into a film and TV actress, she’s continued to do some pretty good photo shoots for a variety of publications.

denise richards in black bra

Denise Richards, as I mentioned at the beginning, has even posed for Playboy. Here are some of the less NSFW photos from her Playboy shoot:

denise richards playboy pic

denise richards almost naked on beach

And, lest you think I’m holding out on you, you can see the more explicit photos here. Incredibly, the shoot took place only 5 months after Richards gave birth to her daughter Sam with husband (at that time) Charlie Sheen.

She also appeared on the cover of Playboy in a whole bunch of the publication’s various countries, which just goes to show her global appeal even in 2004.

Her association with Playboy didn’t end there – I also found this video of a HER Luau hosted by Denise Richards at the world famous Playboy mansion. It’s probably not as good as her photo shoot from a couple years earlier, but it might be of interest, especially if you’re a fan of: “Shanna Moakler, Kim Kardashian, Caroline D’Amore, Adrianne Curry, Holly Madison, Justin Long, Kendra, Cuttino Mobley, Ian Ziering,” all of whom appear in the video.



Even apart from her Playboy beach photo shoot, Denise Richards has been photographed lots of other times in a tropical setting, usually in pretty sexy swimwear. Here’s a little bit of what I mean:

denisre richards in pink bikini

denisre richards in blue bikini in water

denise richards in bikini

As you can see, Denise Richards looks pretty damn good, even a good ten years or more after her appearance in Wild Things, believed by many to be her peak period of sexiness.

Further adventures in Denise Richards nudity continue with a less harmonious incident between herself and some overambitious paparazzi photographers. You can get her side of the story in the video by clicking here, but the quick version is that she was doing a little nude sunbathing when the photogs reared their ugly heads, causing Denise Richards to lose her temper (and remain tastefully covered, of course).



That would be the dark side of trying to see Denise Richards naked, but luckily, this is the internet, so you don’t have to worry about her yelling at you for trying to get pictures of her naked. After all, you’re only human, right?

So Denise Richards has shown plenty of skin over the course of her career. So much so that you might not even need a sex tape. That becomes even more true if you remember the fact that a Denise Richards sex tape might as likely as not feature Charlie Sheen, who I don’t imagine many people would want to see having sex with Denise Richards or with anyone else. So maybe we should look at the lack of a leaked Denise Richards sex tape as a kind of blessing in disguise. Conversely, her four year marriage with Sheen probably means that there is a sex tape out there, since Sheen seems like the kind of guy who keeps an extensive personal collection of such things.


Not only has Denise Richards been open with the public about her history with breast implants, she’s actually had something of an interesting odyssey involving them that’s lasted over the last several years. Early in her career, she did what so many models have done and went under the knife for bigger boobs. Just one problem – after she woke up, she had much bigger breasts than she’d asked for. She lived with them for a while, before getting surgery to have them reduced, which in another screwup resulted in even bigger implants (!!). She’s apparently happy with them now, though, after finally getting them adjusted to the size she wanted all along. And they look pretty good to me, too. What do you think?

denise richards in see through black bra


In a word: Sure! If you don’t feel like wading through all the reams of Denise Richards nudity related content out there, you might be able to get your fix from fan-made compilation videos like this one:



More recently, Denise Richards could be seen on the bABC Family series Twisted, where she played a mother to a kind of femme fatale character she would have played during her heyday.

So in lieu of any Denise Richards sex tape or future nude scenes (she’s probably not going to do any nudity on ABC Family), let’s take a look at some more of her best photos – you’ll probably agree they’re pretty spectacular.

denise richards naked in the sand

denise richards pantsless in bed

With pictures that hot, a Denise Richards sex tape almost becomes irrelevant. Almost. So keep your fingers crossed, and remember there’s plenty of Denise Richards sexiness and nudity out there now for you to enjoy.