Where Can You See Denise Milani?

denise milani big boobs in bikini

Wayne Gretzky isn’t the only “great one.”  Glamour model Denise Milani sports a couple of great ones on her chest and has created a whole career out of showcasing her assets. The very definition of glamour modeling is the ability to pose seductively and promote one’s sexuality through their pictures.  Denise excels at both of these requirements and is one of the most web-searched glamour models.  She certainly gives her fans what they’re looking for since she has one of the most robust portfolios of glamour modeling pictures that can be found on her personal website or on pin-up girl fan sites.  Denise’s vital statistics are 34F-20-34 or depending on your unit of measurement, 34DDD-20-34.  Perhaps the most incredulous fact about Denise is that her “girls” are natural and real despite Denise’s 5’3 height.

In addition to her naturally large chest, Denise is also a sexy and attractive woman and is consistently on “hot lists” in addition to the obviously well-endowed women lists.  As someone who started her modeling career as a sports model, (a fit person who poses for health-related magazines and media) as of late 2011, Denise has focused her career more on fitness and sports health. She started body building and entering fitness competitions throughout the U.S., apropos since Denise has said in interviews that “My dream job and major career goal is to be a spokesperson for fitness, nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle.  I have found great peace and happiness pursuing a healthy lifestyle and I would like to share my joy with others.” For many, she’s already been sharing her joys.


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Denise Milani was born and raised in Frydek-Mistek in the Czech Republic on April 24, 1976.  The oldest of three girls, her given name is Denisa Jacobi and according to several web published biographies, her breasts began developing when she was 13 years old.  Her chest’s physical maturation soon outpaced her peers and garnered Denise much male attention in her small Czech town.  Denise immigrated to Los Angeles when she was 21 years old. She studied English and became a massage therapist although some reports state she became a physical therapist.  Due to her great looks and big chest, she was encouraged to try modeling and she soon began appearing at car shows and in bikini contests before becoming a sports model for Sports by Brooks, an independent online sports blog that also features photos of busty models. Denise became one of the site’s most popular attractions and she started attending Sports by Brooks promotional events across the U.S.  

denise milani in bikini on her back

She left Sports by Brooks in 2007 to create her own website, DeniseMilani.com which exclusively presented Denise’s glamour modeling pictures.  It became one of the most popular individual model websites on the internet.  She also started to pose for PinUpFiles.com, an online site featuring chesty glamour models. Denise won the Miss Bikini World competition in 2007 and on October 5, 2009, she was Playboy’s Belle du Jour.  Denise’s videos and pictorials for her site take place in various settings such as her house, the beach, clubs and other public events. She is often wearing sexy outfits that show off her cleavage. In one notorious video, Denise wears a pink tank top as she interviews Playboy model Jaime Hammer in a limo and a restaurant.  

No wonder no one was paying attention to what she was saying:

denise milani cleavage in pink top

In 2010, Denise’s website was shut down due to the end of the business partnership between the website’s creators, Periscope Media.  Denise sued them and won the ability to retain her website and her stage name.  In April 2011, Denise launched a new paid membership website called “In Touch with Denise Milani” featuring new modeling content, her blog and social media platforms to communicate with Denise directly.

She said in an interview, “I am very thankful for my fans. I get wonderful emails that are very supportive and kind. Some of the emails I get make me want to cry with joy. For instance, one male fan wrote that he was about to commit suicide but when he looked into my brown eyes he saw a reason for living. I was deeply touched by that email. I was glad I had a positive effect on another human being’s life.”  Was it her brown eyes that did it or did the fan look a little lower?  Regardless, something on Denise saved a life and that’s what matters.

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In May 2007, many of Denise’s fans start to lobby for pictures and videos of Denise topless or nude.  However, despite some false reports, Denise has never done completely nude or topless pictures because she doesn’t have to.  She explains, “I have a huge response without being topless. I never intend to do a nude photo shoot. Think it odd? Think back to the days of the burlesque queens who had men at their feet without ever once being nude in front of them. Confidence is sexy. Exposed flesh? Not always. I like to leave something to the imagination of men.” 

denise milani nipples through pink bra

Keep in mind like other famous and hot women, there are fake Photoshopped pictures of Denise floating around the web and some sites even have the audacity to require payment before you can see the fake pictures.  Don’t fall for such a scam; Denise offers her real things and her fans shouldn’t settle for anything less.  So whereas there aren’t any Denise Milani nude pictures or videos, there are certainly many Denise Milani nearly nude pictures.  She has modeled for a plethora of pictures in which her breasts are barely covered and almost crying to be unleashed.  Like Denise says, with a little imagination, her fans don’t need to see it all, sometimes the unknown is the best.  That probably doesn’t provide a whole lot of solace for many readers so below is the closest thing to seeing Denise Milani topless without having to use a whole lot of imagination.

denise milani in lingerie

When asked in an interview why she thinks so many men find her attractive Denise answered, “I think men find me attractive because of my innate confidence. Confidence is sexy. My confidence stems not from my physical looks necessarily but from my optimism, healthy view on life and kind heart. I am also goal oriented and motivating and I think men detect that I am a woman of substance.”  Well, there’s definitely something substantial about Denise that men find attractive.


Everyone is attracted to different things and breast size like religion is an individual choice.  However, what is true is that large breasts attract attention because well, how could they not?  They are just there to be seen.  But in terms of why some men are attracted to big boobs and others prefer a smaller size, there have been actual studies done on the subject.  Psychology Today reported on the results of two studies that explored this matter. According to the first study, men who don’t have a lot of money like big breasts because female breast size is “a signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources.”  Therefore, a buxom chest represents a large quantity and poor men associate large breasts with more money and resources.  Since less financially successful men are most likely striving to make more money they are attracted to something that symbolizes abundance.  Men with financial means don’t need outside resources so they are satisfied with less chest. 

Denise Milani Big breasts in bikini

The other study tested the evolutionary theory that men who really want to be fathers at some point in their lives preferred bigger breasts because they represent a woman’s ability to breed children, nurse and be a good mother.  Researchers polled 67 straight college men in an online study in which they were first asked about their level of desire for fatherhood.  Then they were shown line drawings of a frontal view of a woman.  The drawings could be manipulated and the men were asked to create their view of the ideal woman.  The men who were less inclined to be fathers preferred smaller breasts than the ones who did want to be a dad. This study also conducted a second experiment to see whether food security impacted men’s breast preferences.  66 white, British hungry college males and 58 satiated ones were asked to look at the female line drawings used in the previous experiment.  The results were that the hungry men preferred bigger breasts more than the group that was not hungry.

denise milani in pigtails in a bikini

So if these studies are accurate about explaining men’s preferences for female breast size, the bottom line conclusion would be that men who like big breasts generally do not have a lot of money, want to be fathers and are hungry. Men who like small breasts have money, don’t want to be a father and are not hungry.