Deion Sanders Reminds Son Of $1 Million Trust Fund After “Hood Stuff” Tweet

This week former NFL hall of famer and Super Bowl champion Deion Sanders totally burned his son, Deion Sanders Jr. The younger Sanders tweeted something about his breakfast that seemed a little off to his dad who played both professional football and baseball for over a decade.

That sounds delicious, yet crazy; Deion Sanders Jr. is a college football player; donuts every morning? However Papa Sanders was pointing out with a public scolding that perhaps he might not want to tout his “hood” status too much.


It’s a Huxtable with a sandich.

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Although it sounds like it was all in good fun. Deion Sanders Sr., the only man to ever appear in both a Super Bowl and a World Series later tweeted:


Which brings up the Break Question of the Day: what is the best place in your town to get donuts?

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Source: Business Insider