Deez Nuts Is Running The Most Successful Independent Campaign Since Ross Perot

You may have heard yesterday that, while Donald Trump is still polling high, an independent candidate made the scene with 9% support at a public poll in North Carolina.  The internet loved that news, it was a trending Twitter topic while media outlets assured us it was no joke and the candidate’s legal name was really Deez Nuts.

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Awesome, right?  Well, to start with, his name is Brady Olson.  Deez Nuts is not legal anything, but good try ABC.  He’s also a 15 year old highschool kid.  And he is running the most successful independent campaign in nearly 20 years.

Olson obviously did this as a joke, but as many people have figured out during this campaign, a joke is what a lot of America is looking for.  Because they’re tired of reliving the same election in which candidates on both sides and even on the same side either lie, say the exact same thing, or just BS their way through a campaign with no hope, ability or even intention on following through with anything.  It doesn’t matter who you support, we see it every election.  Every campaign is the same, every result is the same – no one ever lives up to even a fraction of what they say, the other side always gets in the way, they smear each other constantly and politics, instead of being about helping you and me and our families live the best lives we can in this country turns into mud slinging and trying to publicly shame and humiliate the opposing party’s key members.  That’s all we get.  It’s not good enough.  This is why Donald Trump is doing so well, he’s unlike anything anyone has ever seen.  He’s like the Avengers in a sea of Green Lanterns. 

So Olson became Deez Nuts and set up his own campaign.  And somehow it worked.  Not only did he get 9% in North Carolina, he got 8% in Minnesota and 7% in Iowa.  And you know, now that he’s news, it’s just going to get bigger.  And no, of course he can’t run for president at 15, not really, it doesn’t matter.  It’s definitely saying something though.

According to those who conducted the poll, it’s not that Deez Nuts is resonating with potential voters at all, one person said you could call the 3rd party candidate literally anything and they’d get 7% or 8% support, which seems factually true here, it’s just that people don’t want more of the same.  Not really. But we don’t know how to move beyond the same old same old in any meaningful way.

Amazingly, for a teenager running with the name Deez Nuts, his website has a totally serious platform, if somewhat basic, but maybe that’s all a person needs.  He supports deporting illegal immigrants, he supports equal rights and gay marriage, he supports green technology and tax incentives to create jobs for Americans in America.  He’s basically cherry picked the most popular hot button issues to make himself the ideal mix of both Democrat and Republican. 

Would you vote for Deez Nuts if he were eligible to run?