Mr. “Deez Nuts” Has Officially Entered The Presidential Race

Guess who’s running for president? DEEZ NUTS.

That joke will make me giggle till the end of days. But in this case, it’s not really a joke. Deez Nuts is the latest name of more than 500 people to file a statement for candidacy with the Federal Election Commission. Unfortunately no one knows what Deez Nuts looks like, so let’s just assume this is the guy for the time being:

Deez Nuts has entered the race alongside over 130 independents, 127 Republicans, 80 Democrats, 12 libertarians and 15 other people who gave no party affiliation. Some other parties that have entered the race include the “Ace Party” as well as something called “HEL” – whatever the HEL that is. Now all we need is a “Elvish Party” and a “Hobbit Coalition” and we’ll have ourselves a great Peter Jackson fantasy political thriller on our hands. “Sara H. Paylin” and “Brystol S. Palyn” have even thrown their names into the ring for candidacy. On top of all that, a 17-year-old from Louisville filed a statement of candidacy for his friends cat, Limberbutt McCubbin because Democracy, that’s why.

With all these classy folks entering the race, it looks like Donald Trump has got his work cut out for him. I wish him all the luck in beating Deez Nuts.