Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Oreos Are A Thing Now

Thanks to state fairs, rising obesity rates and the phrase “F*$& it,” deep frying has become the next American pastime. We don’t just fry things that should be fried like chicken, steak and chicken fried steak. We find new foods to deep fry presumably because we’re trying to wipe out diabetes by overfeeding the beast that causes it. The latest deep fried plateau we’ve reached may be the most insane one yet. 

If you open your Oreo cookies and they look like this you might want to take them back.

The blog Oh, Bite It!  came with an even more insane idea than the deep fried Oreo by adding bacon to the recipe. They actually wrapped some Oreo cookies in delicious bacon, covered it in flour and batter and dunked it in a super hot deep fryer.

If the thought of taking a bite of this delicious hell is making you able to hear your own heartbeat without a stethoscope right now, please seek help from a cardiologist immediately. 

The recipe doesn’t include a calorie count but we went ahead and did the math. Just three of these bad boys are 204 calories and that’s BEFORE you stick them in the fryer. Calculating the deep frying part is a little harder since it’s difficult to tell how much oil gets sucked into whatever it’s frying but just a single tablespoon frying oil is around 100 calories. So technically, it would be healthier to just dunk your head in the frying vat. 

Source: Elite Daily