The 8 Most Underhanded Clickbaits of the Week

Another week and another crop of shady clickbait where the headlines never quite live up to the articles.  Behold!


Politicki Nicki


What We Thought: Nicki Minaj loves Donald Trump!

What it Was: Not a complete sentence.  She finishes her thought by saying there are points he’s made that could make sense if he wasn’t such a dope in the way he tried to make them.


The Empty Church

What We Thought: This dude was rattling off some tunes in a church and then maybe Axl Rose and Tom Petty join him?

What it Was: A video this guy edited of himself singing with himself.  Like a million other a capella singers.



What We Thought: We’ve been wrong about Burning Man this whole time and there really is awesome stuff there we want to see.

What it Was: 15 predictable pictures of Burning Man that look like literally every other picture of Burning man you’ve ever seen.


Awkward Prom

What We Thought: Clickbait headline writers at this site are very lazy and can’t think of a term to describe these prom photos.  Did people die?  Spit it out!

What it Was: Just another “awkward prom” photo gallery.  A few skanky girls, a few geeky kids. 


Adobo No

What We Thought: Mom’s been feeding this kid human meat.

What it Was: A “Let it Go” parody about this guy’s mom cooking with MSG.  Ugh.


Obama No

What We Thought: This seriously reads like aliens may be here and Obama is trying to disarm us so we can’t fight them.

What it Was: A 60 minute conspiracy video about typical right wing kind of stuff, but not really based on much that makes sense more than fear mongering and it doesn’t really explain why Obama wants our guns, just that he wants them.  The fact his term is almost up takes some of the wind out of this.


Gown of Terror

What We Thought: Miley Cyrus maybe showed up on the red carpet with a telescope pointed at her crotch.

What it Was:  A gallery of nice looking red carpet dresses that Miley Cyrus isn’t even in.


Hair Care

What We Thought: This dude had some insane reaction to his wife’s shampoo and it ruined his head.

What it Was: Possibly the worst clickbait in the history of time.  Here’s the actual story – this guy is in the shower and grabs what he thinks is his wife’s shampoo.  Turns out it’s actually hair dye by accident, a color called “cerise” and he dyes his hair bright red, gets made fun of at work, learns his lesson about taking his wife’s stuff.  Great.  Except…

  • First, his wife is blonde.  Why isn’t her hair red if she’s been dyeing her hair?
  • You don’t use hair dye in the shower and no woman would keep it there
  • Hair dye works by being in your hair for up to 30 minutes to strip and replace the color.  If you apply it in the shower it’ll just rinse right out.
  • Even this dope would notice he’d put dye in his hair rather than shampoo and probably wash it out right away
  • Who the hell called the news to share this story?
  • This story is literally 100% fake and is about nothing.   It’s not just clickbait, it’s completely made up clickbait about what would be the lamest story ever even if it was real