The 8 Sneakiest Clickbaits Of The Week

Many websites make clickbait their bread and butter these days.  The idea is very simple – use an attention grabbing headline that promises something amazing when you click it, and then the article or video never really follows through.  It’s not just a sensational headline, it’s mostly just a lie.  Here’s some of the boldest we found this week.

Thot Suicide Bomber

What We Thought:  ISIS recruited some hot chick to blow herself up…and there’s nekkid pics of her!

What It Was:  A blurry photo of a girl who may have been a suicide bomber and no nude pics.  Oh, and also the girl whose pics they use was actually a victim of the bombings, which responsible media outlets corrected within a day of reporting her as a bomber, not a member of ISIS whose memory has now been trampled on thanks to lazy journalism!


Trans Celebs

What we Thought: Celebs, like Woody Harrelson, who have somehow hid their gender from the world for years.

What it Was: A list featuring Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox and other well known transgender celebrities and not Woody Harrelson anywhere. Oh, and a warning of malicious software form Malwarebytes.

No More Viagra

What we Thought: Some natural cure for limp willy, like an herb or an exercise?

What it Was: A link to a 35 minute long video that goes so far out of its way to never tell you what it’s offering for about 25 minutes while at the same time invoking the Illuminati as perhaps interested in shutting them down because their info is so incredible it could change the world.  It’s supposed to be a way to get a boner. 


The Batman vs Superman Spoiler

What we Thought: In that several second clip in which Superman unmasks Batman, something amazing slipped by everyone.

What it Was:  Is this a spoiler?  It’s something.  Speculation that, because of a toy Batman figure wearing the same clothes, that whole teaser was a dream sequence.  Because the toy is called Knightmare Batman. 


Secret Space

What we Thought:  The government is hiding something from us.  What is it?  Deadly comet on the way?  Alien life? Another planet with we could live on?

What it Was:  A nice list of fun space facts that “they” are hiding from no one, unless they’re hiding them on Wikipedia. 

Diet Tricks

What we Thought:  You can lose weight by doing nothing?  Bring on the corn dogs!

What it Was:  Oh, wait.  No, it’s things you have to do.  On the upside, most don’t do anything for you, like drinking your coffee black instead of with cream.

The Devil

What we Thought:  Looks like the devil has infiltrated American hearts and minds

What it Was: An article about how Satanists are really nice people and Christians should be more like them.  AKA trolling.

The Rock Goes to Jail

What we Thought:  Everyone’s favorite action star has gone insane and committed a heinous crime!

What it Was:  100% bold faced lie.  Not even a little close to the true story about the Rock’s puppy dying after eating a poisonous mushroom.  What the heck does this have to do with jail time?