Dad Responds To Daughter After She Accidentally Sends Him A Nude Selfie

Let this be a lesson to you.

Accidentally texting a naked picture to a family member is a fear most of you have considered. Luckily, most people are careful to never let that happen. Unfortunately, this woman who goes by the name Dear Fashionn on twitter was just a little too careless, and did just that. In her case, her father was the unlucky recipient, and the worst part of it was him texting her back.

Here’s the admittedly hilarious slew of tweets that came after she realized she sent the nude selfie to her dad.

Since posting this debacle on her twitter page, @Dearfashionn went from 800 followers to over 13,000. Nothing like a good, juicy soap opera to get an audience!  Let’s hope she may have learned her lesson, for her dad’s sake, at least.

Have you ever accidentally sent a nude pic to someone you didn’t mean to?  Let us know!

As for the rest of you, remove any family from your phone right now. It’ll be for the best.