Behind The Scenes Pic Shows Off Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool' Performance

If you dug the recently leaked Deadpool test footage starring a CG Ryan Reynolds, you might dig this cool behind the scenes shot the film's writer took during the making of that test.

If you recall (that is if you were lucky enough to see it), the scene begins with Deadpool sitting on top of a bridge listening to 'Hollaback Girl' before the action takes place, which is where this BTS shot comes from. Unfortunately, Twentieth Century Fox has been pulling the clip from every site, so you'll just have to use your memory on this one.

The test footage was originally funded in 2011 by Twentieth Century Fox, but was leaked, most likely by the company that created the test, Blur Studios.

Nevertheless, it's cool to see that Ryan Reynolds actually performed the character versus sitting in a booth collecting a paycheck. Can't wait to see more, but I won't hold my breath considering the leaked footage was made three years ago.

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source: Independent