News Station Airs The Worst Photo To Honor Dead Teen

This picture is exactly how you shouldn’t close a news story about a deceased teen.

In New Zealand, 19-year-old James Teague fell from a second story balcony at a ski resort when he apparently tried climbing from the balcony onto the roof. He and his friends had been drinking when he pulled the stunt, and unfortunately, the fall caused major head injuries that lead to Teague’s death at Dundedin Hospital.

When reporting the story on Austrailia’s channel 9 News, the producers admit they had no idea that the symbol James and his friends were holding up was “The Shocker” because in New Zealand it’s still 1957.

[[contentId: 2742113| | style: height:299px; width:380px]]

I can understand that after a certain age, things like the Shocker symbol may not necessarily be on your radar, but what does seem obvious is the fact that they’re making some sort of gesture with their hands. And personally, if I were choosing a photograph of someone who had just passed away to be on the news, I’d make sure that symbol isn’t anything, say, inappropriate. Ask around the news room, ask your interns, make sure they’re not flashing gang signs or hailing Satan.

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via buzzfeed