Subway Customer Allegedly Got A Dead Rodent As An Extra Sandwich Topping

Aside from hiring a pedophile to be their long-time spokesperson, Subway isn’t the most well thought of sandwich franchise. And unfortunately it just got worse for the sandwich chain, especially after a customer found an extra ingredient in their delightful meal in the form of a dead rodent.

An employee in the Lincoln City, Oregon location was scooping out the last bit of spinach from their topping buffet and handed over the completed sandwich to a hungry customer. The customer however then noticed a furry piece of what looked like meat hiding under the bed of spinach. Only this isn’t the kind of meat on the menu.

I know. Pretty gross.

But I have just one question though…

Every Subway makes their sandwiches right in front of the customer, so you would THINK someone would see a dead rodent flop onto their sandwich right before their very eyes. I know I hate to make eye contact with any Subway employee so I stare directly at my sandwich as it’s being made. Second, there’s not a whole lot of spinach on that sandwich so you would THINK you’d feel something a little extra special in your hand if you were to grab a handful of dead rodent, let alone see it pour onto the sandwich as you’re making it. Unless the dude was scoping out the Brisk tea in the cooler for whatever reason.

Something tells me this is a scam, but hey, if if there’s any chance it’s not and any particular restaurant might have a healthy rodent problem (healthy because they clearly love spinach), I’d err on the side of caution as well.