Dead Puerto Rican Man Propped Up And Dressed As The Green Lantern

Renato Garcia may or may not have been the biggest fan of the comic book hero The Green Lantern. When he sadly passed away this week at the age of 50 due to respiratory issues, Mr. Garcia had been wearing the Green Lantern costume for the past several weeks. So his family decided to say goodbye to him the way they know he would have wanted.


They held a wake for him at his sister’s apartment in San Jose where his embalmed corpse was propped up in the corner wearing his Green Lantern costume.…


Was this what the Green Lantern was talking about when he said “no evil shall escape my sight?”

Wait, this wasn’t even his final wish? His family just decided to prop him up in the costume?  I guess whatever helps. He seems to have been a fan if he wore that costume all the time.


Good news! No longer the worst Green Lantern!

This is not as crazy as it seems: posing bodies for wakes and funerals in Puerto Rico is gaining popularity. Recently an 80 year old woman was posed in her favorite rocking chair after she passed away last year.  

Source: NY Daily News

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