Dead Body Goes Unnoticed For Four Days In Metro Station

In cities where public transit is widely used, regular passengers are jaded by things they’ll see in the metro station: obscene graffiti, panhandlers, trash, and other common splashes of city life. Apparently, public transit riders in Washington, DC are so jaded that they didn’t notice a whole dead body… for four days.

A lawsuit has been filed by the parents of Okiemute C. Whiteru that says Whiteru’s body had gone unnoticed for more than half a week in the Judiciary Square station. According to the lawsuit, Whiteru was taking the escalator out of the station and then tumbled off to the side. He fell again and then ended up behind a wall on the platform – no one noticed! For four days! How is that even possible? And thousands of people go through that station every day! It’s also reported that there were surveillance cameras that captured all of this, but no one did anything. Did they just think he walked away without harm? I am totally confused about this whole situation. This is a whole dead body in a confined Metro station. In four days, you can probably find the body twice.

When they discovered Whiteru’s body, they found out that he had died from blunt force trauma. The lawsuit says if they had found his body earlier he wouldn’t have died from the injuries.

Whiteru’s parents are suing for negligence and wrongful death and want the transit agency to shell out $25 million. Not a peep has been heard from Metro spokesman Dan Stessel about the whole ordeal. Or maybe it will just take them a while to noticed they are being sued. Give them four day and I’m sure they’ll come around.

Source: Washington City Paper