Daycare Staff Charged With Hosting “Fight Club” For Four-Year-Olds

For today in outrage we go to New Jersey where two women have been charged with holding their own twisted version of “Fight Club” at the Daycare where they were supposed to be taking care of 4-6 year-old boys and girls. Inspired by the book and hit film, Erica Kenny and Chanese White thought it would be a stellar idea to encourage these youngsters to fight each other at the Lightbridge Academy in Cranford. Thankfully the two have been arrested, but too bad they weren’t really just fighting themselves.

Everyone knows the first rule of fight club is you do not talk about Fight Club. However Tyler Durden may have to update his list of rules for modern times as I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to Snapchat it either.  

However that is what Kenny did thinking by using the social media video sharing app where videos quickly disappear she wouldn’t get caught. However someone recorded one of her sick Snapchats she had sent to friends. In the video she allegedly even quotes Fight Club while watching the young kids punch and kick each other. Hey I got a Flight Club quote for ya;

Thankfully it appears that none of the children suffered any serious injuries. Both Kenny and White were immediately fired after the daycare was made aware of the videos. They now face child abuse charges and could be sent to jail for 18 months. While investigators say that the fights happened this past month, parents are concerned that the Fight Club may have been going on longer. Danielle Frost says her son was in the class last year;

 “It’s really freaking me out at the moment. I want to go home and ask my son if he saw anything like this. He came home with a broken finger once, and now I’m worried about what happened while he was there.”

The daycare is working with police on the investigation.  Hopefully the two would be Tyler Durdens will get to participate in Fight Club in the prison yard.

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Source:  CBS New York