Father Banned From Disney World For Life Because He Joked About Meth Labs

We know how strict Disney’s rules are with their costumed employees and other staff but they’re equally as hard-assed toward their customers as much as their workers or says this guy from Florida. A father was visiting Disney World with his family as they do every year, renting a room at the resort for two nights until that dream vacation quickly ended after he made a joke about how long the service was taking. It’s unclear what David Swindler was waiting for, either a picture with Mickey or maybe lunch from one of the restaurants but what is clear is that David openly said he could build a meth lab in the time it took to be waited on. Wrong move, David.

His family’s room was not only (allegedly) raided by Orange County deputies as well as Disney’s security staff, but also kicked out of the resort immediately. David then received a trespass warning in the mail letting him know he’s no longer allowed on Disney’s property indefinitely.

After news organizations caught wind of David’s story, David admitted to the press that he really should’ve used another example instead of “meth lab” to make his point. ” I should have said, ‘I was going to build an atomic bomb,’ or something else.” Yes, absolutely, that would have been a much better choice you idiot.

David read the latest Disney storybook tale–a trespass warning.

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David says he has only three loves in his life and Disney is one of them. Jesus and his family are the other two, but it doesn’t seem very Christian to joke about building a meth lab while you’re surrounded by children, as hilarious as you might find it to be. As of right now however, David’s side of the story as to what happened is the only side we know of. Maybe he was extremely irate and starting shouting about meth labs for all we know. It does seem a little insane for Disney World to kick out a customer out for small comment…or is it?

David plans on appealing the lifetime ban, stating “This has not taken away my love for Disney. I will not let them take that away.” Until then, maybe David should take some improv classes and find a few other one-liners he could share with Disney’s staff in the future. Maybe something like “Boy, this line is longer than Fantasia.” Or how about “This funnel cake is about to Wreck-My-Bowels-Ralph.”

Hang in there, David, you wacky bastard.