This Is The Strangest Way To Find Out The Weather Forecast

Who needs the Weather Channel when you could have some old Jewish woman talking about your local weather to you.  An old woman who often explains the types of clothes that are best suited for the day’s forecast, which then usually leads her into extremely random stories from her day to day activities (if not weird stories from her youth). has answered your prayers and is truly one of the stranger ways to simply find out your city’s weather forecast with a web page that looks like your great aunt’s hallway.  Despite her slightly scary appearance, she’s actually quite nice.

There’s a framed cross-stitched design that allows you to type in the city and state (or zipcode if you have a better memory than myself) you wish to check out along with a video of the above woman explaining the humidity, how lovely of a day it will be, if you’ll be schvitzing and maybe even an anecdote about how it reminds the woman of her late husband.  Like I said, it’s a strange site but still able to take the boringness of weather and make it somewhat interesting.

But stories about flies in her tea aren’t the only thing interesting about this woman.  Upon first viewing, I realized that’s not just any ordinary old lady in these videos.  I was pretty sure I was getting Tyler Perry’d, realizing that this is actually a man in drag.  Which to me makes it all the more weird and entertaining, but then I realized who the man was.

Most of you wouldn’t know the actor by name, but after looking at a picture of him sans make-up, you’ll definitely recognize the face.

[[contentId: 2612208| | style: height:309px; width:550px]]

THAT guy.

I could’ve gone with a more recent picture of him on the red carpet or in Numb3rs or something, but let’s be honest, we all remember him as the elf from The Santa Clause.  His name is David Krumholtz and since he created a video explaining more about the how’s and why’s of the site, I’ll let him explain it to you.  Because frankly I’m still confused.

So that’s actually pretty cool and certainly can’t fault the guy for trying something different, especially as a performer, even if it’s simply a site telling you about the weather.

Check out to see what the weather is going to be like in your neck of the woods from the home of a filthy-mouthed Jewish woman.

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