David Hasselhoff Has Apparently Changed His Name To “David Hoff”. Seriously.

This is not a joke. At least if it is one, David Hasselhoff (now known as David Hoff) isn’t making the reasons why entirely clear. Releasing a video to his youtube channel, the man we once knew as Hasselhoff has changed his name to David Hoff because he’s been “trying to drop the Hassel from his life for years.” He then holds up a certificate stating his new name and well, that’s that.

“Hassel” jokes aside…what the hell is going on here? Changing David Hasselhoff’s last name is like changing the White House to just The House or changing the Grand Canyon to just The Grand. HASSELHOFF is your name, sir! How dare you change it…if he has actually changed his name that is.

Some are already saying that this is clearly a stunt for David Hoff to promote his show Hoff the Record which can be seen on some random channel in the UK (see Hoff, it kinda worked, your show has been sorta promoted!) but some are also saying that Hasselhoff has gone by “The Hoff” for years and even copyrighted the name, so maybe it’s true?

Personally, I call shenanigans and think this is fake, but a part of me kinda wants The Hoff to truly be THE HOFF. Regardless, if you’re interested in Hoff the Record, a show about Mr. Hoff moving to the UK to “get his career back on track”, you can check out a clip HERE. By the way, it’s not a reality show as I hoped, it’s a scripted comedy. Might be the only time I wished something were actually a reality show instead.