This Cop Gave Himself A Ticket For Parking In A Handicapped Spot

There are a lot of serious concerns about how police officers are doing their jobs and if some have the public’s best interests and safety in mind. One officer in Milwaukee not only realized that he made such a mistake and treated himself just like he would any other member of the public.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke attended a Veterans Day ceremony last week at the Milwaukee County War Memorial and accidentally parked his vehicle in a handicapped spot. Instead of moving the car and hoping that no one would notice, he gave himself a parking ticket. He then ordered himself to either pay the fine or contest it in court, insisted to himself that he’d never do it again and told himself to have a nice day.

He still went above and beyond the punishment for his infraction. The county’s fine is only $35 for parking in a handicapped spot but the city’s fine is much higher so he donated an additional $200 to an organization that works with disabled people. Can someone fly this guy out to the Ferguson Police Department so he can give them a lecture on how to be a proper police officer? Something tells me he’d be willing to pay his own way.