This Man Hasn’t Showered In 12 Years And Has A Decent Reason Why

Meet Dave Whitlock, a guy that has willingly decided to not take a shower for 12 years. In fact, he simply hasn’t bathed with soap for 12 years, but he also has a decent reason why. Well, decent in his mind anyway.

Whitlock is a chemical engineer and graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has discovered something that actually makes bathing seem about as necessary as spoon feeding yourself oxygen. He has created AOBiome, a company that creates sprays that restores good bacteria to your skin, essentially replacing bathing entirely.

What Dave lacks in buttoned shirts, he makes up for in science.

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Not to be too shallow, but ole Dave here probably isn’t the best looking spokesperson for his company. He actually looks like a guy that hasn’t taken a shower in 12 years and collects TV Guides on the side.

Dave and his company stand by their product despite the naysayers stating we as a society aren’t outdoors as much as we used to be so seeking sterilzation isn’t needed as much. Of course if you choose to shower, that’s not exactly a bad thing either. In fact, you should probably just keep showering just to be sure.

It’s okay, Booger uses AOBiome’s spray!

I think one component Dave and his company aren’t really considering is most people shower so they actually feel less filthy, whether they’re covered in dirt or not. AOBiome’s spray apparently just feels like water, but I don’t think that will essentially give you that “clean” feeling you’re probably going for that a shower can provide, even if their product scientifically could replace good old fashioned soap.

Would you guys use Dave Whitlock’s spray? I sure hope he at least wears a hair net while handling the product.