Dave Grohl Broke His Leg So He’s Now Rocking Out On This Badass Guitar Throne

Dave Grohl is officially the coolest rockstar on the planet right now. It doesn’t matter if you hate their music, the competition is over and Dave Grohl has won.

We reported a few weeks ago the moment Grohl had broken his leg after taking a tumble off stage during a live performance in Sweden, which led to him continuing the concert as paramedics tended to his injury as the band played on. The Foo Fighters had to cancel a few dates so Grohl could properly get his leg checked out and put in a cast, but the tour has resumed and Grohl, still handicapped, is rocking harder than he did with two legs.

This weekend, the Foo Fighters kicked off their North American stadium tour in Washington, D.C. which is not only the first show since Grohl’s injury, but also the debut of Grohl’s badass “Foo Fighters thrown” from which he rocks and rocks hard. It’s like a rock ‘n roll version of the throne from Game of Thrones. In some ways, it’s even more badass than that.

Check out the show opener here. The man looks like a deity but instead of multiple arms, he has multiple guitars at his sides. So much awesome.

Maybe Grohl has started a new trend bringing an end to overblown choreography in today’s pop music. Because even a guy sitting down for the entire two hour concert doesn’t mean it will rock any less.