These Daughters Will Inherit $10,000,000 Each But Must Follow Dad’s To-Do List

I suppose when you’re a father and you have literally gobs and gobs of money lying around, what’s an easier way to teach your children good values and responsibility than by paying them to live it. One father thought it’d be best to promise his two daughters $10,000,000 each after his death just as long as they follow his, let’s call it, “please be a normal person” list as mentioned in his will.

The specifics of the list include that they will each earn $500,000 once they marry someone. Of course the dad thought ahead and also wrote in his will that their husbands must sign a contract guaranteeing that they will never touch the money. Good luck with that one, ladies. They will also earn another $750,000 once they graduate from a “good” university. Considering their father is obviously a millionaire, the sky really is the limit on which “good” university they wouldn’t mind attending.

The final two rules are that each daughter will receive three times their salary once they start actually earning a salary, and that they will also receive bonus money for caring for their mother, who their father has divorced. You know, sh*t you should just do without being paid to do it.

All in all, it’s really not a bad list. In fact, it’s a list that most people hope to do on their own without the incentive of some steady bonus coming their way. No, people do those things to better themselves, their lives and nothing more. Oh, and any money left over will be given to charities like the Michael J. Fox foundation. So there’s that at least.

Ah, the wealthy. Hysterical, aren’t they?