Woman Sues VH1 For Showing Her Naked on Show About Being Naked

Imagine you’re a contestant on a show called “Dating Naked.”  What two things do you think might be asked of you?  If you guessed “dating” and “being clothed” you’re not just incorrect, you might also be Jessie Nizewitz. 

Mud ain’t nudity!

Nizewitz, a model from New York, was on the show in July and was somewhat aghast to notice upon viewing that the blur all contestants on the show are usually afforded, a little smudgey effect that makes your naughty bits invisible to the home audience, went missing during a very crucial scene.  Seems that while Nizewitz was wrestling her would be suitor, on the beach, on her knees, legs slightly bent, facing away from the camera, some editor dropped the blur ball.  So effectively she was on all fours in a partial lunge with her ass agape and offering a fairly detailed viewing of her plumbing.

Is Nizewitz being silly in her lawsuit?  On the one hand, the show is called Dating Naked.  She knew nudity would be involved, she’s a model and is obviously comfortable with her body and using it to gain attention via this TV show.  On the other hand, none of that says “please post my lady parts all over the internet and national television.”  She did expect to be blurred out and probably if she intended for any nudity to actually be shown it literally would have been in any other position as the one they got was about as unflattering as trying to open an industrial-sized jar of pickles between your thighs while you’re naked and suffering some muscle spasms.

Thanks to VH1’s slip up, Nizewitz is suing them for $10 million, the cost of one’s pride these days, or at least the price of a momentary dip in dignity.  Because let’s be honest, have you ever heard of this girl before?  No.  No one watches VH1.  If she wins this suit she’s getting upwards of a thousand dollars per VH1 viewer who saw her bits.

So if $10 million is the cost for fully bent over rear view exposure, we could assume frontal would be, what, maybe half that?  Breasts are good for a million?  And that’s for a woman.  As a man, what are you charging the world to see your junk?  If I’m being honest, I’d sign up for a show where I was naked all year long if I got $10 million out of it, what about you?  What’s the price of your shame?

Thanks to the Superficial for that edited nasty shot!