Hot College Chick Booted From University’s Gym Due To This Dumb Reason

A lovely young lady named Danielle wanted to hit her college’s fitness center after spending all day studying for her upcoming exams. Unfortunately, her visit to the gym was short-lived. Within seconds, she was getting ejected from the facility.

Why? A female fitness center employee thought her top was cut too low and too much of her back was showing. So, in order to keep the gym a trigger-free safe space, the worker kicked her out.

Here’s what Danielle was wearing:

Ridiculous. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that top.

Washington and Lee University, where this incident took place, is a liberal arts university. While we hear all about the whining that goes on in college campuses these day, Danielle’s story stands out.

You’d think schools would be happy to have students in the gym staying healthy. But not Washington and Lee, apparently. This college would rather erode its students’ freedoms for no good reason.


Source: TSM