Ohio Teacher In Trouble After Algebra Lesson About Sexting Nudes

I find the majority of teacher student sex scandals appalling. These chicks are so desperate for dick that they’re willing to bang their students? Come on now, it’s not THAT hard to get laid. As a girl you can be a 2/10 and still find some poor schmuck willing to ride the last available train to pound town at the end of every night, which means that these teachers are either worse than a 2/10 (they’re not) or that there’s something wrong with their heads (yes this, this for sure this is 100% accurate.)

As for Middleburg Heights Junior High School math teacher Daniel Rapp, the guy’s not in hot water for banging his students. When a male teacher does it, it’s rape. When a female teacher does it, it’s “LOLOLOL lucky kid I wish MY teachers sucked MY dick in high school!!!!” In other words, we wouldn’t be telling you about Daniel if he actually diddled a student because we only report on the “lucky kid” stories. Instead, Daniel’s in trouble for using incorporating a math question about sending nudes into his lesson plan. Is the question that bad? No. But does it belong in a high school math class? Again, no.



Tony can send 5 texts and 3 nudes in 19 minutes. He could also send 3 texts and 1 nude in 9 minutes. How long would it take him to send one text and one nude?

First of all, Tony doesn’t understand the rules of sending nudes. You can’t just blow up someone’s phone with pictures of your naked body; the trick is that you only send one, wait for a response and then maybe send more. If you send too many too fast there isn’t any mystery left and you look desperate. Besides, you’ve gotta take into account the quality of the nudes Tony is sending. Three in 19 minutes? I’ll admit that’s possible, but how’s the lighting? Did Tony trim his pubes beforehand? Did he try a bunch of different angles to make sure his dick looks as big as it possibly can? These are all important questions to consider when sending naked photos of yourself to someone, and I think it’s safe to assume Tony hasn’t fully covered his bases.

According to Fox 8 Cleveland, the school district conducted a complete investigation into the “incident” after a parent complained, and Rapp was let off with a reprimand and will remain in the classroom. Seems fair to me — superintendent Michael Sheppard said that “We addressed the teacher and kind of clarified what happened, and in this case provided what we thought was the appropriate consequence…He’s [Daniel] a good teacher, and just in this case used the inappropriate word.”

And in case anyone was wondering — the answer to the original problem is that it takes Tony five minutes to send one text and one nude, or two minutes for each text and one minute for each nude. See? Tony isn’t putting enough time and energy into his nudes after all. Be better, Tony.