This Cute Dog May Be Put Down Because His Photo Went Viral

A dog may be executed because of a cute photo of the pet with his new owner that went viral.

Last week, after Dan Tillery took home “Diggy” the dog (formerly known as Sir Wiggleton) the adoption was announced on Detroit Dog Rescue’s Facebook page, the shelter where the canine had spent the past 100 days.  The man and his new best friend couldn’t be happier about the relationship as evidenced by the above photo. That was until BIG government got involved. More accurately, a little- big government. 

Even if all your papers are in order the heartless thugs that run this town don’t care.

After the pooch pic appeared all over the Internet and in national media including People magazine and on Good Morning America, the authoritarian goons in Tillery’s town government of Waterford Township, Michigan took swift and decisive action. Unbeknownst to the new pet owner, the town had passed an ordinance banning pit bulls and unfortunately we are not talking about the Florida hip hop artist.

Town police immediately descended on Tillery’s home where they took the dog away to an animal shelter where he could be put down if he is not re-rescued. Some might argue that not knowing the law is not an excuse for inadvertently breaking it. This is all Tillery’s fault right? There is just one problem. Diggy the dog is not even a pit bull! Tillery said he showed the police officers Diggy’s papers from the City Of Detroit Animal Control and Welfare agency stating that he is in fact an American Bulldog. The officers didn’t care and said they only need to “suspect” that the dog is a pitbull for the animal to be taken away.  He has been profiled as a breed he is not even a part of!

He’s an American! Don’t deport him!

When he was rescued Tillery said; ‘If he’s anything like he looks, I’ll take him.’ He is just like this,” he said. “He’s a big, fast, loving goofball. Face licker, likes to play. … He’s the most handsome pup. He’s super happy to be here, and I’m super happy to have him here.”

And now he might die because of the long arm of big government forcing itself into people’s dog houses. The lesson here is be careful what information you share in the internet. Big government, even when it is a small big government is always watching, waiting for you to mess up!

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