Guy Texts Girl Text Meant For His Bros While Insulting Her

Have you ever held two text or instant message conversations at the same time while talking trash about one of the people you’re talking to in the other  conversation? This is always playing with fire as one unlucky guy named Dan O’Hara found out the hard way. Dan wanted to message his bros about a new girl named Laura he had met, but ended up sending the text about her- to her! FAIL. Luckily for us he shared the mind melting fuck up on Twitter for all to cringe:

Not only did he call his potential hookup “nuts,” he took a full screenshot of her pestering texts when he did not respond right away and shoved them back in her face. Can you imagine being this girl? This is a pretty brutal.  Maybe she didn’t “wait three days to text him” or whatever romantic comedy movie bullshit rule people are supposed to abide by these days.

I mean he didn’t respond and she said, “You bored of me already?”  What a complete psychopath!

Or more likely, Dan met this girl at a bar and exchanged numbers just to be nice as she was not visually to his liking. And as this reply to his followers states, I frickin’ called it! He considers himself “a 10” so we can assume he found this girl to be beneath him. 

Otherwise, if she was hot and crazy, there would have been no problem! In subsequent tweets Dan revealed that the girl he only had met on Saturday was at work during the conversation and he had to wait to see how she would react. Later when his Twitter followers asked him what she eventually said, he replied:

It can’t be worse than what he said to her.

So what is the worst accidental text message, email or instant message that you ever sent to the wrong person by accident?

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