This Dallas Tour Company’s “Big Things Happen Here” JFK Ad Went Over Poorly

Comedy, as we all know, is: time + distance. You need distance from an event in order to be able to laugh at it.

One Dallas tour bus company surely has egg on their face (or, if historically factual – presidential brain matter). The bus features a photo of President John F. Kennedy superimposed with the city of Dallas’ major tourism slogan: “Big Things Happen Here.” So, the irony here: In 1963, President Kennedy came to Dallas, and while being driven in a motor procession, he was shot in the head by lone-gunman Lee Harvey Oswald. Hell, the slogan stands corrected: Big things do happen here – such as world leaders being assassinated. That’s pretty mother-f-ing big!

More in the “not-completely-thought-through-department: the design of the bus results in having the rear door’s handle protruding out of Kennedy’s forehead – you know, in the exact same region where a sniper bullet passed through his skull. What idiots green-lighted this idea!? Talk about a conspiracy. (H/T: Uproxx)