Dairy Queen Employee Turned Doctor Writes Old Manager A Touching Thank You Note

It’s tough for a lot of younger kids to get the confidence to pursue their dreams, as cheesy as that sounds. And sometimes, to make ends meet, you’ll take whatever jobs you can get no matter how undiginified or seemingly uncool they may be to afford yourselves the opportunities you want.

It’s those jobs that tend to shape us into who we are early on, for better or worse. Especially the people you get to know at those jobs.

This woman grew up to realize what her boss at the local Dairy Queen did for her in those tough times while attending medical school. And it actually helped her push to achieve her goal which was to become a doctor. Here’s the cool note she sent to her old boss thanking her for her encouragement and support.

Goes to show you that even a little bit of validation can go a long way for someone.

The manager told ABC News “I was in tears when I read the note for the first time, and every time I read it, it still brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes you don’t realize how you might be influencing someone.”

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source: Huffington Post