Dad Makes Daughter Wear This Hilarious T-Shirt To Keep Boys From Dating Her

Adults often pine for the days of their youth and probably wish that some kind of magic could bring them back to those carefree days. Of course, they often forget about all of the facts that made being a kid suck like how insane their parents acted as they tried to guide and protect them in life because, well, having children makes you clinically insane. Take, for instance, the case of one intense father who came up with the brutal way to make it clear that no boys should ever risk hitting on his daughter.

Two-time World Pro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter Kit Dale has a daughter and like any good dad, he wants to keep pesky boys from bothering her as they reach a certain age when they realize that girls aren’t so icky anymore. So he made up a T-shirt that reads, “Stay Clear Boys, this is my dad!” featuring a picture of her shirtless, tatted up dad flexing the muscles that he uses pound other people into pudding, break bones and bruise vital organs with his fists.

Dale posted the picture to his Facebook page where it garnered a ton of likes and shares. It went viral after finding its way to Reddit under the title “Dad Security.” It’s a clever idea but if he really wanted to drive home an important message about parenting, he should have written “And I’ll be in therapy very soon” on the back of it.

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source: Metro