Internet Cheers Dad For Letting His Son Dress Up As Frozen’s Elsa For Halloween

When Paul Henson shared a picture of his son on facebook dressed up as Elsa from Frozen, he didn’t realize he had started some sort of parenting revolution. No, it wasn’t an image of his son being silly, wearing a girl’s dress while singing the song “Let It Go”, it was a photo to let everyone know that he’s going to let his son choose his Halloween costume this year, which turns out to be the female character from the Disney cartoon.

Here’s what Henson wrote on his facebook page, providing the picture as well.

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It’s pretty great that his son also wants his dad to dress up as one of the female characters as well, albeit the less cool one.

Since posting the image on October 4th, the post received over 27,000 shares as of this writing with a lot of people coming out of the wood work to applaud Henson for his fatherly good deed. Of course there are a few people out there who aren’t so into the idea of their son dressing up as a princess for Halloween (or really any day of the year) mainly because they don’t want their kid to get teased. But I think the point to be taken away here possibly isn’t so much a three cheers for the father–it’s how much will his son appreciate the attention for wearing an Elsa dress in a few years.

Sure, let kids dress up how they want, play with whatever toys they want, why the hell not. They’re kids! But–I think there’s a certain level of privacy that kids deserve in this day and age of social media because this particular story comes across more as dad bragging than really looking out for their son, especially when his teenage years come around and any slight embarassment starts to sink in, especially since his photo is literally being shared as we speak in every country. For instance, I remember playing Barbie’s with two girls who lived next door to my grandma’s house and, y’know, I’mnot ashamed of it. However, would I want a picture of it existing on the front page of, and No, I don’t think so.

Also let’s point out that even though the father hasn’t revealed his son’s age (safe to say he’s maybe six-years-old or so), the odds of his son changing his mind and wanting to dress up as Iron Man is extremely possible. Oct. 31st is still three weeks away and kids sure do love to change their mind last I checked. Long story short, everyone calm down.

So good for the parent for letting their kid dress up as a Princess for Halloween. Why not, right? But since sharing the image, this little boy will now get to enjoy any jokes coming his way in his adult years for something he randomly decided to do as a toddler. Good times.