This Father’s Tweet Got His Family Kicked Off A Southwest Flight

Well this certainly takes the cake for the dumbest reason to get kicked off a plane.  But was it deserved?

Meet Duff Watson, a man who simply wanted to fly to Denver to Minneapolis with his family on a Southwest flight.

Duff has an A-List status that allows him to board before most passengers. However, on this flight, he had his 6-year-old and 9-year-old kids with him. As we all know, if you have an infant, then you are sometimes able to board the plane earlier. But his kids were too old for that, and they aren’t A-List passengers like their dad. So the gate agent told him that he could board the plane earlier, but his kids would have to wait. Them’s the rules.

Duff didn’t like that response, so he took to his Twitter account and wrote “Wow, rudest agent in Denver. Kimberly S, gate C39, not happy @SWA”.

Just to backtrack for a moment, Duff is no stranger to posting his critiques about Southwest Airlines. In fact, in the past he’s actually praised them for their efforts, in which they have responded positively. They’re like buddies! This instance in particular occurred not that long ago, dated June 24th.

My how friendship comes and goes.

After Duff posted his message, tagging Southwest in the tweet, he was then asked to de-board the plane. With his children crying, he and his family got off the plane, and Southwest agents asked him to delete the tweet or he wasn’t allowed to get back on. They said that the gate agent felt threatened, even though no threats were made according to Duff’s recollection.

At this point, the whole thing sounds like a great Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.

So Duff deleted the message and was finally able to board the flight his tail between his legs. But Duff wasn’t finished. After he landed, he went right back onto twitter complaining about his experience. He then emailed the airline letting them know what they had put him and his kids through. And of course, he tweeted about that, as well as his reaction to their response.

The follow up Duff is referring to is the three $50 Southwest vouchers they offered him as an apology. They couldn’t give Duff anymore details on how they’re correcting their Southwest employees due to confidentiality concerns, which to me sounds like they’re probably all laughing about it in the break room.

My biggest question through all of this is why is a grown man like Duff, a father with two kids, worried about tweeting so much. So they wouldn’t let your kids board with you. Big whoop! Hang out with the rest of us who don’t have A-List status. It’s not like they’re going to be sitting you with the luggage underneath, for Pete’s sake.

What do you think? Was Duff in the right to complain and tweet? Or should he just man up and calm down?