Dad Gets One Direction Tattoo To Win Concert Tickets But Is Disqualified

There are good dads and there are great dads. Roger Fraser from Tennessee is a great dad. He is so great that he got a One Direction tattoo in order to win his daughter VIP concert tickets. Too bad he was immediately disqualified after he got the ink.


The 37-year-old father entered a contest held by Indiana radio station 99.5 WZPL that required dads to dress up like members of the popular boy band. Fraser, wanting to win the award for father of the century, upped his game by getting an “I <3 _1de2809d_c2a0_="" tattoo="" slapped="" on="" his="" arm.="" now="" that="" is="" hardcore="" dedication.="" i="" sure="" as="" hell="" _wouldn27_t="" do="" anything="" like="" if="" had="" a="" kid.="" _i27_m="" love="" them="">that much.


Unfortunately, Fraser was disqualified from the contest before it even started because he didn’t read the fine print of the rules: you have to be a permanent resident of the state to participate.

He ended up going to the concert with his 14-year old daughter, but without VIP access. Fraser said this has brought him and his daughter closer together.

This tattoo may be on my arm but the whole world has put it in my heart , thanks to you all !

— Roger Fraser (@fraser_roger) August 10, 2015

He tweeted out his little mishap and it seemed like he’s being a good sport about it… unless he is crying behind closed doors for being branded as a One Direction fan for life.

Source: ABC News