Hero Dad Fights Cougar With His Bare Hands To Save His Two-Year-Old Daughter

Most kids who give their dads Father of the Year gifts never had their father fight an angry cougar with their bare hands in order to save their kid’s life. One hero father named Travis Nielsen in Canada had to face that exact situation after a cougar entered his backyard. The father says his 2-year-old daughter was attacked so quickly, he could barely take a moment to react which is when he took matters into his own hands…literally.

The cougar’s teeth marks on 2-year-old Bree.

At first after hearing his daughter get attacked, Travis says he thought it was just a large dog but quickly realized it was a damn cougar who already had his daughter Bree in it’s toothy grip. Nielsen then says without thinking, he was able to pull his daughter from the cougar’s mouth and punch the damn thing right in the face.

After his wife took their daughter back into the house, his wife says she could see Travis continuing to scare the cougar back into the woods which surrounds their entire property. Apparently they then called conservation officers who eventually captured the animal and put it down, which is really just a shame. The family lives on Vancouver Island. so it’s not like the cougar was found wandering New York but I suppose no one can really win in this type of situation. Wild animals like cougars hunt and if you decide to live in the middle of a cougar infested forest, you’re probably going to get attacked. All in all, it’s good to know that the little girl survived and that her father was there to help her.

Note to self, don’t move to Vancouver Island unless you want to be eaten by a cougar. Then again, there are worse ways to go out.