Czech Republic Reality Show Puts Family Under Nazi Rule

There are a lot of vapid and moronic reality shows. Surprisingly, I can deal with those because they are just hot dog filler for television and they are easy to ignore. Amidst all of the delightful reality show garbage we love to indulge in, there’s a new show in the Czech Republic that plans to win the WTF prize for reality TV. It’s a show where they place a real life family in World War II conditions in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. In other words, a family will live as if they are under Nazi rule.

The show is called “Dovolená v Protektorátu” (“Holiday in the Protectorate”) and it was filmed in the summer of 2014 on a farm that was converted into a WWII homestead. For two months, the show subjects a family to the stress of Nazi rule complete with food rationing as well as actors playing German soldiers and Gestapo guards. But don’t worry, there won’t be any actual torturing or any other horrors that the actual victims of WWII faced. So that makes this all of this okay, right?

Apparently, there was a rigorous audition process for families who wanted to be part of this show. Why would people want to be on such show? Because of a sweet prize, that’s why!  The winners of this ordeal get a “valuable prize.” There is no word on what this prize is. Perhaps it’s a record deal or a modeling contract or maybe it’s just bragging rights.

It goes without saying that the show has obviously received tons criticism. One viewer on an Internet message board called it a perversion and “an insult to those who really suffered through it.” Another wrote, “What’s next? Big Brother Auschwitz?”

Series creator Zora Cejnková defended the program and said “The entire production team is aware of the controversy about returning to such a precarious period. However, we think that while maintaining specific ethical rules and historical accuracy, this is an appropriate way of presenting the period.” 

I think historical accuracy should be the least of her worries.

Source: Expats